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Supported Living

Services in this area will be available 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. Each home will be managed by a House Manager who will be directly responsible for services in their home. Staffing ratios will be determined as per each person’s Individual Service Plan in such a way that will protect the health and safety of the individual and promote positive development.

Family Living

Services in this area will be available 24 hours a day, 365 days per year not including the time when an individual is in employment, school, and day program or hospitalized. Each Family Living Provider will be responsible for the health and safety of the individual living in their home. They will also be responsible for scheduling and keeping doctor’s appointments, ensuring that appropriate leisure and exercise activities are available, and maintaining and cleaning of the home. Each Home Based Provider will complete an approved home study and training prior to placement.

Quality assistance for a quality life.


Respite services will be provided to individuals who have this service identified on their plan of care. The primary purpose of respite is to provide support to the individual and give the primary care giver time away from their duties. Respite will be provided by individuals identified by the residential provider and approved by the agency.

Customized In Home Community Support(CIHCS)

This service will be available 365 days a year to individuals who need less than 24 hours of care per day. After the person’s Interdisciplinary Team determines their CIHCS level of need, a specifically assigned staff person will help the person develop a schedule for staffing support. Staff will assist the person in a any area that may need assistance: grocery shopping, ordering and picking up medications, accessing leisure activities, exercise facilities, meal planning, etc.

Non-medical Transportation

Assists the individual in accessing other waiver supports and non-waiver activities identified in the ISP. The primary goals of this service are to facilitate greater inclusion in community life and to promote self determination.

Customized Community Support

Services in this area will be provided to individuals based on their identified goals and objectives in this area. The services will be provided in the community and are designed to assist the individual with becoming a participating member of a community group or activity.

Day Habilitation

Services in this area will be provided Monday – Friday from 9AM to 3PM. This service will be designed around the individual’s strengths, desires and preferences. The majority of the services will be provided in the community with specific activities and learning experiences provided at a central location. Each person will have a schedule of activities which are tied to the objectives identified in their individual plan.


Services are provided to all individuals receiving any service from TNB by experienced and licensed nurses. This service is designed to assist individuals in maintaining and optimizing their physical health. Health care plans will be developed and monitored for all individuals requiring them.

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